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And now, for the feature presentation for the "Random Word for the Day"...By the way, should it be "Word Feature of the Day" or "[insert your suggestion here in the comment section] or just keep it as is and tell you what Quicquidlibet means now?

Quicquidlibet is a noun pronounced as /quick'ki'd•lee'bet/ and consists of the classical Latin word 'quicquid libet, quodlibet'  or 'quicquid, quidquid' for 'whatever,' which can also be a reduplication of 'quid' for 'anything' and 'libet' for 'it pleases.'  It means one who does whatever one pleases, anything whatsoever.

  • "You are such a quicquidlibet, overgrown hippo," declared the little dwarf to the ancient Ent.
  • "A multimonstrous maufrey of heteroclytes and quicquidlibets." --- N. Ward, Simple Cobler Aggawam

To be honest, I haven't a freaking idea on how to pronounce the above featured word.  My head reads like that, but I'm not even sure if that's right because I certainly can't read it out loud right.

2011 Tanabata Contest Winners

:iconsomeconfettiplz::iconcongratssignplz: :iconsomeconfettiplz:

:bulletblue: 1st Place goes to Sky Mirror haiku by OritPetra.
:bulletblue: 2nd Place goes to Fading Stars haiku by KuroYoru.
:bulletblue: 3rd Place goes to When No One is Around pantoum by InKPapeR-AndSoul

Honorable Mentions:
:bulletblue: Stars haiku by mooshu17.
:bulletblue: Crescent Moon renga by RetroZombie.
:bulletblue: Star haiku by vividrose.

You can read more here… :reading:

Night Journal

Greetings all,

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving/family get-together and whatnot.  It was my fall break and you know what…I haven't a clue on what happened to it.  One day, I'm dancing around like a squealing pig for a whole week of freedom and the next I'm sprawled out dead in the college's lounge only to wake up having ditched two classes.  Either there wasn't really a break and it was all just a scam or someone screwed with the time.  So, I've come to the conclusion that the only way to get a REAL break around here is to hurry up and finish college, pass my EMT national exam, get a career job, and be a the quicquidlibet that I've always wanted to be.  No more homework, no more exams, no more having to take pointless classes, and no more buying freakishly expensive textbooks.  (Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to pass my EMT national exam, get hired into an emergency department, get my creative writing degree, and do whatever I want afterwards. Kind regards, the little useless one who lurks in corners crying.)

Moving on, today, 11/28/11 at 1800 hours, I went to the morgue to pay my respects to fourteen elderly men and women who've devoted their bodies to further science and education for students pursuing some sort of medical profession.  Thank you for allowing your bodies to be drilled, poked, cut, sliced, yanked, dismantled, and torn to several layers of systems.  I've learned many things, like smoking gives you deflated, hard, dried-up mud (not that I hadn't before, but this time, wow).  From that, I think I've made the right choice in not smoking because I like doughy lungs, you know, like play-dough, soft and squishy.  Aside from that, well done on making my mom run out of the morgue almost regurgitating out her empty stomach.  :clap:

Speaking of which, my mom got really irritated with me that I kept on prodding the cadavers.  She said that I'm not learning by squishing and playing with the corpses, rather, she stated that I was being childlike and completely disgusting when I said the fat looked like cheese.  Well, it did and perhaps I do have one sick mind, but sometimes, in order to become a good emergency medical care provider (dream goal), you have to have that sick humor to get past the horror of life.  Otherwise, a career as a medic won't last long.  I'm a sick person (grumbling tummy throughout the entire cadaver experience), but at the end of the day, I pay my respects to the deceased.  And I have no idea what I'm muttering about now...

Now, I will apologize for my lack of writing structure and organized thoughts as well as my lack on being on dA lately.  I try, but I feel indolent and depressed about the world.  Everything seems to have stood still and I've been thrown into a tar pit.  So this is what it's like to be a dinosaur about to die.  Not that I'm dying, but that feeling, ya' know?  I'm so tired, the only thing I want to do for the next decade of my life is to sleep and wake up as a vampire who drinks orange juice.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the word: Quicquidlibet and will find use for it in your conversations, writings, blaterations, thoughts, and so on.  Please be on the lookout for my next Random Word for the Day.  

Kind regards,
Yuki Alu/B.T.Nguyen


Care to suggest some?  I'm a bit lazy in searching at the moment and I have terrible tastes anyways.

  • Listening to: The fridge.
  • Reading: "The Vampire Tapestry"
  • Watching: Another Korean Drama
  • Playing: The keyboard.
  • Eating: Time.
  • Drinking: Spit.
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HaveTales-WillTell Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Professional Writer
Not into cadavers or medicine much myself, but I totally get you on the respect thing. And the tar pit.

Best guess, based on my limited Latin: kwik-kwid-lə-bet.

Also, this. ~Quicquidlibet
Vigilo Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011  Student Writer
WetKakashi Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Student General Artist
Updated! Hope you like the word. I've been feeling like a "Q" this month. Odd, but true. =D

Though it's still incomplete. Just like the other one. :facepalm:
Vigilo Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Student Writer
Sorry. The dead bodies scared me. :XD:
I do like the word! It is lovely. I feel like a Q too - utterly Queer and Quirky. Odd month, November is!

Don't worry about that. :hug:

I'm sorry you feel like a moribund dinosaur. :( Feel better! I will shower flattering words upon you until you do if you don't. ...Do you? Oh, what a to-do! (I'm having fun with the word do. Completely inappropriate regarding depression, dreadfully sorry, my mind's been leapfrogging all over the place lately!)

Good luck with your exams and everything! And don't lurk in a corner and cry. Please? :tighthug:


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